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01/17/19 10:15 AM #536    


Vivian Karen Hogue (Olguin)

Was out in Crossroads area again yesterday.  Here are a couple of photos of the new Highland Middle School aka Highland Junior High School.


01/18/19 02:12 PM #537    


Emilie Lamphere (Ortega)

Wow..thanks Karen...time marches on.

01/18/19 02:53 PM #538    

Esther Sara Hartglass (Camuti)

I remember when we opened Highland!  We stayed there until the end of 8th grade then we went to Sammamish as Freshmen!  Wow time does march on!






















01/18/19 07:10 PM #539    

Marvin Knox

Thanks Karen.

I have lots of interesting memories from Highland.  My first "sock hop" in the gym.  Too shy to dance though.blush

Can you believe it?  That was the 1950's.  The birth of rock and roll and we were entering our teens right at the start of it..

01/19/19 08:31 AM #540    


Vivian Karen Hogue (Olguin)

Did anyone else take ballroom dancing classes at the Highland Community Center??  Was the instructor Ed Long??

01/19/19 09:01 AM #541    


Thomas Stromberg

Hi Karen.

Yes, it was Ed Long.  Amazingly the Community Center is still there. 

In the late 1970s they had ballroom dances with a live orchestra every Saturday night at Seattle Center.  If you came an hour early you could pay $1.50 and get a lesson from Ed and his wife/partner.  And as late as 1988 my wife and I took lessons at his home in Bellevue.  He seemed to be ageless.

Nice pictures of the former HJHS by the way.  I drive by it a couple times a month.

01/19/19 09:20 AM #542    


Emilie Lamphere (Ortega)

Marv, you should have come ask me to dance, I was holding up the wall.   I hated that first sock hop, no one asked me to dance and I was so embarrassed.    I did not go again.

I have really terrible memories of jr. high.   I was so under developed and shy.   I did not know how to dress like the other popular girls and I was overweight.  No wonder noone took a second look at me.    I did not come into my own until my sophomore year.   Thank goodness things changed then.   Good memories of high school.

02/07/19 03:36 PM #543    


Vivian Karen Hogue (Olguin)

I'll bet many of you are glad you are not here!❄️  More expected tomorrow and again early next week.🙀

02/08/19 08:42 AM #544    


Eric (Rick) Moon

Pretty wintry here in Honolulu too.  The temperature was 69 when I got up this morning.  The locals are all wearing their down vests.

02/08/19 11:18 AM #545    


Emilie Lamphere (Ortega)

So beautiful, but hard to get around.   I had a little snow on my AZ cactus this winter...melted by afternoon.   We are up against the Santa Rita Mountains at about 3500 feet.   So beautiful here.   Thanks for sharing.

02/10/19 10:53 AM #546    


Jay Spaulding

What a magnificant snowfall this year!! We have 14 inches stacked up on our deck and are told that more is coming. I remember praying for a snowfall like this when I was growing up here in Kirkland. We live on Rose Hill (between downtown Redmond and downtown Kirkland) and wherever there is a hill there are kids sledding and having a ball. If I knew how to upload pictures I'd do it and you would be amazed. Hope all of you out there are safe, dry and warm. I love you all.

Jay Spaulding

02/11/19 08:57 AM #547    


Emilie Lamphere (Ortega)

Jay, hope you are enjoying it.   We moved to AZ to be in the sun and golf and do outside activities all year round.  We are just south of Tucson in a little place called Green Valley.   It is beautiful and I get to look at the snow on the mountains close to us but don't have to travel in it.   One of my big surprises living here is there is a huge number of folks from Washington state.   Some are snowbirds, but many are full time, like we are.  Enjoy your snow and stay warm.

02/11/19 11:11 AM #548    

Marvin Knox

Jay -

Our friends and relatives have been sending us pictures from up there.  Absolutely beautiful.

February here in Lake Havasu should wind up in the high 60's average even though we've had a few days hotter and a few days colder the last couple of weeks. .  From then on out it's about a 10 degree per month climb into summer.  By the end of May we should have a few days around 100 degrees.  Then in the summer all bets are off. We had 125 degrees last summer.

I love it down here.   Honestly though - I did enjoy the snows we had each winter when I lived up there.  Freezing rain - not so much.smiley

03/14/19 09:03 AM #549    

Marvin Knox

Hi everyone -

Gerry Covington (Haga) died Sunday in Las Vegas of lung cancer. 

Some time back (in post #407) I shared a story about going on my first date to a movie at the Bellevue Theater.  I shared with you how awkward the date had been and how along toward the end of the movie I got up enough courage to "hold" the hand of the girl I was with.  

I didn't want to say at that time who the story was about since I didn't have her permission.  But I did say that she was a cheerleader and that you'd all know her well.

That first date was Gerry Covington and she'll always have a very special place in my heart. 

I hadn't seen her since our graduation from Sammamish.  But I found myslef shedding a tear when I heard the news.

What a little fireball she was in her youth. 

I'm sure many of you have fond memoriies of her as well.




03/14/19 01:03 PM #550    


Danny Braudrick


Gerry was a fireball, indeed. Saw her last at our 25th reunion. As I recall she was in charge—and she took charge. Even my wife recognized her unfathomable energy. I was sorry I did not see her at our 50th.

May she Rest In Peace. 

03/15/19 08:57 AM #551    


Emilie Lamphere (Ortega)

Gerry was indeed full of energy.   She lived, with her husband, just behind my mom and dad when they lived in Bellevue above the Glendale Golf Club.    I got to see her and talk with her a number of times when I would visit them.   As an adult, she was always doing something too.   She was a hairdresser, and had a shop in her home.   Wonder if those chemicals finally got to her.   I don't think she smoked,  but many of us did back then.  I never saw her again after my parents moved.   When I learned of this, I felt bad.   We were about the same age.   Thats where we are by one, each of us will leave this planet to a better place, for those of you that believe it.   RIP Gerry.



03/23/19 01:34 PM #552    


Art Hyland


I recall a wonderful, chance happening when Gail & I were revisiting for fun the old Dairy Queen on 8th St, now gone of course, which was a common hang-out after games during our years at Sammamish.  Well, Gerry walked in and when Gail and she saw each other what followed was an immediate laughing and crying show.  They had the greatest time reminiscing and re-enacting their times together and as cheerleaders.  They both looked and acted like they were still in high school.  Gail had such a great time seeing Gerry again and it reinforced our decision for moving back to Washington.  In that memorable moment Gerry Covington, Gail Beckwith and Dairy Queen were still going strong.  It’s an indelible memory for me.

03/27/19 07:53 PM #553    


Danny Braudrick

That DQ the best chocolate shakes in all the Seattle area. Sorry to see it has gone but at some point in an area’s development the alternative use of some land will be of more value than one can make running a corner DQ and selling $.19 hamburgers and $.29 shakes. But I sure wish it weren’t that way.

03/28/19 12:27 PM #554    


Vivian Karen Hogue (Olguin)

I loved Dairy Queen. ❤️  Many, many years ago there was one in Newport Hills, near where I lived.  There was one in Issaquah that is now also gone.  However there is still one in the Eastgate area. If you haven't been in downtown Bellevue in years, you would never recognize it now.  🙀

03/28/19 05:39 PM #555    


Deborah Wallick (Quimby)

Hi everyone--

My brother (Dave Wallick) worked at DQ. He gave me my first cherry 7-up; that was a treat. I laugh now when I think I ended up with the DQ initials--who would have thought. We have two DQ's in the area-Astoria and Warrenton, Oregon. Almost impossible to beat their soft-serve ice cream.

I don't recognize Bellevue at all! Remember how Fredrick and Nelson had the only elevator to the second floor? J C Penney was kind of at the south end, less populated area. It is amazing there is a city of Sammamish. Guess they won't have a Sammamish High School. The area has just grown and grown. I wonder how many commute to Seattle from Easton? Would hate to do that in the winter.

Our area continues to grow. When we first arrived there were less than 4000 people. Now we have become a popular retirement community and secondary vacation home area. We are fortunate--no state income tax, relatively low property tax, and we are just across the Columbia River from Astoria, Oregon, and no sales tax.

Greetings to all on this gorgeous spring day!

Deb Wallick Quimby

03/29/19 08:34 AM #556    


Carol Leyden (Murrell)

My favorite DQ treat was the butter pecan sundae and to this day, every time I see a butter pecan sundae I have a flashback to SHS and DQ. Fun memories.

03/29/19 04:42 PM #557    

Marvin Knox

I used to work next to the Dairy Queen and I'd have a Peanut Buster Parfait every lunch hour. 

Only 710 calories and oh so good for you.

When I hit about 220 I decided to slack up on em.

03/30/19 09:28 AM #558    


Emilie Lamphere (Ortega)

Marv, the Peanut Busters were my favorite and back then I did not care about calories...youth has a way of equalizing weight gain, but now, oh dear, I would have to be careful.

03/31/19 06:50 AM #559    


Peggy Harris (Petersen)

I used to work at the Dairy Queen in Lake Hills.  At the end of my shift the manager would let me take home ice cream for my parents and my dog.  What a great job! 



03/31/19 08:22 AM #560    

Marvin Knox

There was a Dairy Queen just down the street from the fire station I worked at for much of my career as a firefighter/paramedic.  They had to clean out the soft ice cream machines nightly and the manager, who was a bit of a fireman want a be, brought us ice cream by in gallon or half gallon containers.

Whether we used DQ ice cream or bought our own at the store - we'd often make what we called "card board sundaes" and settle into our loungers for the evening movie before the action started, - typically after midnight.

To make a card board sundae - you take a half gallon container of vanilla  ice cream and scoop out the center.  Then you fill the hollow with chocolate fudge or the sauce of your choice.  Then you throw in any extras you might want like nuts or pieces of fruit.

Then you put a towel in your lap and just kinda settle in to pig out.

I was in very good shape back then in spite of it all.  I burned off the calories most nights any way.

Now - I put on a pound or two just looking at ice cream.


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